At this time, but 5 years ago, the first group of Emprendedoras de la Belleza (Entrepreneurs of Beauty) graduated. We started alone, financed by some friends, the support of Invecapi, Dinora (who had been our student in entrepreneurship), and Monteavila University, where the final act took place. The great intuition of the Emprender 360 model was being refined and we had the hope and desire that this trade would positively impact the lives of many people.

From there, it has not been an easy road. However, to see that the last cohort of these entrepreneurs was achieved together with JW Marriott, that we have achieved impact all over the country with the instructors of our friends of the Venezuelan Association of Catholic Education (AVEC), and that our graduate Mafalda is teaching classes with experts from L'Oréal is at least the beginning of a glimpse of a possible country.

All this has been possible thanks to the encounter with people we have discovered along the way who have joined this great intuition, who share our vision and who understand the role that each one of us has to play in life. This is the case of all our friends from L'Oréal, with whom we have overcome the classic relationship between a company and an NGO, taking it to the level of building a common and complementary strategy to achieve beauty for the future.

The same could be said of Ford Motor of Venezuela, with whom a new cohort of the Diploma Conduciendo Tu Futuro (Driving Your Future) was completed, and with whom we are dreaming much more in favor of young people who have not had the opportunity to train in trades in our country.

Driving a beauty for the future of the country: that is what we do in a very complicated reality full of challenges, a future that is possible because we are seeing it in the present.

And just as I have seen my esteemed Louis Langrée conduct the Cincinnati orchestra, it is only possible to generate beauty like the sound of a great musical work if everyone understands their role, if everyone is attentive to intervene when it is their turn without occupying spaces of others. In this way the beautiful harmony that can continue to inspire us in order to be protagonists of the common good will take place.

Alejandro Marius

Graduates were trained in social responsibility
Responsible Beauty was the course held on October 5 at the Impact Hub Caracas for graduates of Emprendedoras de la Belleza - Belleza por un Futuro (Entrepreneurs of Beauty - Beauty for a Future), and Emprendedoras del Chocolate (Entrepreneurs of Chocolate) of Trabajo y Persona. It was directed by Illiana Muñóz, manager of Social Responsibility of L'Oréal Venezuela, who instructed 21 graduates in Corporate Social Responsibility and entrepreneurship. This was the first time were an L'Oréal volunteer provides training integrating the different  programs of Trabajo y Persona. 

Trabajo y Persona participated in a conference held by cocoa exporters


On October 29, Trabajo y Persona met with producers, artisans and residents of Patanemo Bay, located in Edo. Carabobo, with the intention of promoting practices that improve the production of cocoa in the coastal region. The activity was organized by Agrotrading Import, C.A., with the participation of Bombok2 C.A., our Emprendedora del Chocolate Emma Torrealba.

Trabajo y Persona instructed AVEC trainers
14 trainers from the CECAL Fe y Alegría AVEC (Venezuelan Association of Catholic Education), from Aragua, Barquisimeto, Caracas and La Guaira, trained in the 3rd Formación de Formadores (Formation of Trainers) held from October 30 to November 3rd at the L'Oréal Venezuela facilities. The topics covered were: hair care, barbershop, makeup and visagism by experts like Juan Aponte, trainer and makeup artist for Maybelline New York in Venezuela; and the graduates of Trabajo y Persona, Mariana Pérez (Mafalda) and Eiskel Jiménez.

Despertando el Chocolate (Awakening the Chocolate): the chocolate shop for workers of Montana Gráfica
From the 7th to the 28th of October, the basic course of chocolate wafers Despertando el Chocolate was held, addressed to relatives of workers of Montana Gráfica C.A., and the nearby community. It was done in Mariara, Edo. Carabobo and had 18 participants, who received training from the Emprendedoras del Chocolate: María Cuyán, Marifé Mata, Marlene Briceño, Narciné Landaeta, Yasmíl Cortéz and Isaura Guerreo.

Fourth cohort of Conduciendo Tu Futuro was completed
On October 31, the closing ceremony of the fourth cohort of Conduciendo Tu Futurotook place at the Ecosport Hall at Ford Motor of Venezuela. Participants received their certificate as well as an acknowledgment of the three best averages. Representatives of Ford Motor of Venezuela present were Salvador Lo Cascio, president of the company, and Patricia Fuentes, public relations manager of Ford Grupo Norte. On behalf of Trabajo y Persona, Diana Hernández, operations institutional.

Emprendedoras de la Belleza presented their business plan
On October 31, the 13 participants of the program Emprendedoras de la Belleza - Belleza por un Futuro, presented their business plan to a jury composed of Karin Granados, Gabriel Peñaloza, Anel Maldonado y Marielisa Méndez; José Hernández, JW Marriott manager; Carlos Miranda and Alejandro Marius (Trabajo y Persona). This defense is made with the intention that the graduates begin their entrepreneurship with viable strategies that allow them to reach their objectives.

> The graduates of the fourth cohort ofConduciendo Tu Futuro, Nixon Pandare and Ernesto Hernández, completed their test period at H Motores Naguanagua, authorized by dealer Ford Motor of Venezuela.
> Our graduates of Emprendedoras de la Belleza, Mariana Pérez (Mafalda) and Eiskel Jiménez, were instructors at the 3rd Formación de Formadores.
> Yani Colmenares, trainer of CECAL Fe y Alegría Divina Pastora (Edo. Lara), conducted the course: Barbería y Moñoz at her place of work, where included Gloria Rattia as a special guest, member of the aforementioned meeting.

- From November 23 to 26: Chocco Venezuela 2017 - Valencia, International Center for Multiple Events - CIEM.
- November 24, 25 and 26: Catas with Social Impact in the Chocco Venezuela with the participation of our Emprendedoras del Chocolate and allies.
- November 24: Graduation Emprendedoras del Chocolate Valencia within the framework of Chocco Venezuela 2017.
- November 30: Graduation 4th cohort of Conduciendo Tu Futuro.
- November: Self-makeup course for AVEC staff.

In English: Las Buenas Noticias de Trabajo y Persona – Octubre 2017