Human work is connected with each person’s desire, with imagination, with each worker’s need and with the purpose which moves us. Antoine de Saint-Exupéry expresses this very well in his famous phrase: "If you want to build a ship do not take the wood, join the men and distribute the task to each one. If you want to build a ship, first teach men the nostalgia for the wide and infinite sea."

The most important educational task at this time is to re-awaken in people the desire to be happy, to work and to build, seeking beauty and freedom. Because hope is a gift, but it feeds on finding people who can witness with their lives the reasons why life is worth living, especially in Venezuela.

This requires teachers who live their trade with passion and who spread it to others by betting on excellence, because every technique needs a purpose in order to be used properly. 

Luckily in Venezuela there are still many, even though circumstances are increasingly difficult; an example of this was the meeting we had with GabyIngridLaura and CésarArmandoGiovanni and Rodrigo, who are master chocolatiers and consolidated entrepreneurs in several cities of the country. Together with María Fernanda they will participate in the project that we are starting together with the Italian and French chambers of commerce within the framework of Fedeuropa. It is a project which proofs that there are still good people and professionals willing to work as a team, offering opportunities to those who have not had them and thus striving toward the common good.

The same thing happened at our end-of-the-year meeting, when we connected by video-conference with our friends from the Piazza dei Mestieri in Torino. The harmony in the origin of both works became evident. Because even in very diverse realities, the possibility of being moved by the need of the other allows us to become aware of our own need. Therefore, from a great desire to work together, we can build a boat that can not only resist this storm, but also take us to seas of unimaginable beauties that invite us to go further.

Alejandro Marius

4th Graduation of Conduciendo Tu Futuro (Driving Your Future)

Trabajo y Persona and Ford Motor of Venezuela held the graduation of the 4th Conduciendo Tu Futuro cohort at the University of Carabobo. This program trained 25 young people in automotive mechanics, turning them into potential workers and entrepreneurs. These young people received technical and human training for four months, as well as the experience of working in a world-class assembly plant.

Beauty Trainers and Entrepreneurs of JW Marriott received certification

On November 3, 13 members of the 6th cohort of Emprendedoras de la Belleza(Beauty Entrepreneurs) - JW Marriott Edition, received their approval certificates at the hotel's facilities. The event was attended by representatives of L'Óréal Venezuela, JW Marriott and Trabajo y Persona. Likewise, trainers from 8 different Venezuelan states were accredited for their Formación de Formadores (Training of Trainers) program along with the L'Oréal volunteers. In the event were present representatives of L’Óréal Venezuela, JW Marriott, Asociación Venezolana de Educación Católica (AVEC) y Trabajo y Persona.

New Chocolate Entrepreneurs in Montana Gráfica!

On November 7, the program Entrepreneurs of Chocolate - Discovering Chocolate, Montana Gráfica edition, was finalized. This program was aimed at family members of workers as well as the community close to the company Montana Gráfica. The culmination of this program took place at the facilities of the company, in Edo. Carabobo, where the 18 participants received their certificates as new entrepreneurs of Trabajo y Persona. They received training from graduates María Cuyán, Marifé Mata, Marlene Briceño, Narciné Landaeta, Yasmíl Cortéz and Isaura Guerreo.

Emprendedoras del Chocolate (Chocolate Entrepreneurs) participated in the 14th Bancaribe Fair

On November 10, the 14th annual Bancaribe Solidarity Fair was held in the Bancaribe Tower in order to celebrate the beginning of Christmas and to benefit the development of the participating social programs. In this edition were present María Cuyán and María Josefina Fernández, graduates of the Emprendedoras del Chocolate program, who offered the artisan products of their enterprises.

Graduates of Conduciendo tu Futuro (Driving Your Future) presented their business plan

On November 22, the graduates of the 4th cohort of Conduciendo tu Futuro, Alexander Ceballos, Luis Peña and Edwin Ortíz, presented their business plans with the intention of initiating evaluations and consultation for their ventures. It was held in the offices of Trabajo y Persona (Caracas) and had an evaluation committee of the institution composed of: Carlos Miranda, César Córdoba, Mariloly Méndez and Carlos Monsalve.

Trabajo y Persona participated in Chocco Venezuela 2017

From November 23 to 26 the Chocco Venezuela 2017 was held in the city of Valencia. This event is one of the most anticipated of the year, as it manages to bring together national and international cacao producers and chocolatiers in a single space, as wells as technology, art, music, gastronomy, health and of course all chocolate lovers. Trabajo y Persona was present in the same, offering tastings with social impact, the chocolate tablets that have been made with the different allies, as well as the products made by the new cohort of Chocolate Entrepreneurs of Valencia.

First cohort of Emprendedoras del Chocolate (Chocolate Entrepreneurs) graduates in Valencia

On November 24, and within the framework of Chocco Venezuela 2017, the first cohort of Emprendedoras del Chocolate took place in Valencia. The 11 participants from CECAL Fe y Alegría Luisa Cáceres de Arismendi received training thanks to the alliance of Fe y Alegría with Trabajo y Persona and institutions such as CAVENIT Valencia, Fundación Bancaribe; and the chocolate masters, Armando Canelón and Rodrigo Morales.

Catas with Social Impact in the Chocco Venezuela 2017
Within the framework of Chocco Venezuela 2017, Trabajo y Persona offered three tastings of chocolate and rum with social impact with the collaboration of the Emprendedoras del Chocolate graduates: Emma Torrealba (Bomboks), Violeta García (Nirvana Ciocolato), María Josefina Fernández (Chokopeanut), Ana Beatriz Rodríguez and Lisbeth Meléndez; as well as the participation of our allies: Laura Requiz, Gabriela Ramírez, Armando Canelón, Rodrigo Morales and Giovanni Conversi. It was carried out for the benefit of the association in order to continue training more vulnerable people.

The project that brought together the best chocolate teachers of Venezuela
Chocco Venezuela 2017 was a meeting point for the best chocolate teachers of Venezuela, to whom Alejandro Marius, president of Trabajo y Persona, presented the project Ecosystem of cocoa and chocolate entrepreneurship. This was carried out within the framework of Fedeuropa with the collaboration of CAVENIT, CCIAVF and Trabajo y Persona, with the objective of generating training programs and sustainable training-productive Units and thus empowering women and young people with limited resources in Venezuela.

Chocolate Canaguá: the special tablet created for the Chocco Venezuela 2017

Chocolates Cayré joined with Trabajo y Persona, this time to create a special chocolate bar for Chocco Venezuela 2017. The tablet 55% cocoa with coffee from Canaguá (hence its name), was made with the collaboration of Ana Beatríz Rodríguez, graduated from 2nd cohort of Emprendedoras del Chocolate of Bailadores.

Ford Motor of Venezuela and Trabajo y Persona celebrated the Month of Solidarity

Ford Motor de Venezuela celebrated Solidarity Month in November with more than 50 Ford volunteers, benefiting 154 grandparents of the San Vicente Paúl Home through the restoration of common spaces within the institution; in addition, with the Jesús Obrero Professional Training Center of Guacara, with the visit of the volunteers, who gave lectures on the code of ethics, dress and behavior in the company to the young apprentices of Industrial Safety.

> Our graduate of Emprendedoras del Chocolate and founder of Bombok2, Emma Torrealba, offered words at the opening of Chocco Venezuela 2017, where she shared her experience since her beginnings in our organization, the support she has had from CAVENIT and the tablet which now represents her brand: Tierra de Gracia (Land of Grace)
> Our graduates María Josefina Fernández, Emma Torrealba and Violeta García participated in ChoccoVenezuela 2017, offering the products of their undertakings. In addition, they delighted the assistants with tastings of their delicious chocolates.
> On November 16, María Josefina Fernández and Marifé Mata shared in the Bigott Foundation, located in the community of the colonial zone of Petare, their story as chocolate makers and their relationship with our organization. They also offered their products to the attendees.
> We congratulate our graduate of Emprendedoras del Chocolate and founder of Nirvana Cioccolato, Violeta García, for the inauguration of a new store in the Eurobuilding Hotel, Caracas. It is inspired by the beauty of a gem created bombon.
> Our graduate of the 6th cohort of Emprendedoras de la Belleza, Marriott Edition, Yusleidy Managua, received her Hospitality Management degree. We congratulate your desire to continue growing!

- December 12: Pechakucha Night Caracas (UCAB), with the participation of Alejandro Marius.

- December 21 to January 11: collective vacations of team Trabajo y Persona. 

In English: Las Buenas Noticias de “Trabajo y Persona” – Noviembre 2017