"There is no situation in life that lacks real meaning. This fact must be attributed to the fact that the apparently negative aspects of human existence, and especially that tragic triad in which suffering, guilt and death come together, can also be transformed into something positive, into a service, provided that it is met with the right attitude and disposition. "

These words of Viktor Frankl (The Feeling of Meaninglessness, 1980) put us in front of a great challenge, because it is not possible to say that they are born of an inspiration far from reality, since they come from someone who experienced a dramatic experience during the holocaust. That is why  "the appropriate attitude and disposition" is necessary in front of the reality, even more so when we start a new year full of resolutions as well as personal, organizational or community ideas  in a country like Venezuela, where we can not distance ourselves from the difficult situation that we are going through.

Two key questions arise from this approach: How to maintain the correct posture and attitude towards reality? In what way can all this be transformed into something positive?

Without being exhaustive in the answer, I would like to emphasize two aspects to take into account: the first is that the starting point is reality itself, observing it more as an ally than as a rival to overcome; because "reality is more important than an idea. There is also a bipolar tension between idea and reality. Reality simply is, an idea must be elaborated. A constant dialogue must be established between both, preventing the idea from being separated from reality ", Pope Francis, Evangelii Gaudium, 231. Therefore, in a reality as dramatic and changing as ours, it is a requirement that our ideas (projects , programs, etc.) are not static, inflexible and imposed, but rather they must arise as a response and as a  service to the needs that are most urgent in our society.

Secondly, it is important to understand that although we give the best of ourselves the will of men is finite, and no matter how hard we try to have the most appropriate posture, it reaches a point where it is imperative to take otherness into account. That puts us clearly in front of the value of the other, from their need to their capacity as a journey companion, collaborator or teacher in order to take steps together to offer answers to the provocations that reality poses to us. The challenge is to work and build together,  listening to the Other, who is the one who can give meaning with gratuity not only to our life but to our whole existence.

What once was hurt. 
What once was friction. 
What left a mark. 
No longer stings.
 Because Grace makes beauty. 
Out of ugly things 
(U2, Grace).

Alejandro Marius

A farewell of the year in the style of Trabajo y Persona

Among family members, friends, food and a video conference with the founders of the Piazza dei Mestieri (Square of the Trades) of Italy, the protagonists behind each program that carries out Trabajo y Persona, ended the year 2017 in a day where collaboration prevailed as the main actor. Thanks to the Fragolate Artisanal Ice Cream Shop and the JW Marriott Hotel for making this meeting a moment of inspiration for the entire team!

Meeting with the friends of the Piazza dei Mestieri

On November 29, a video conference between the Trabajo y Persona team and the founders of Italy's Piazza dei Mestieri took place at the JW Marriott Hotel. A friendly dialogue between history, contemplation and people’s trade reminded us of the beginning of the Association which, like them, seek to place the person in the first place, and then offer an opportunity for human and professional growth through training in trades.

Pechakucha Nigth Caracas: ideas to build a better Venezuela

The seventh edition of Pechakucha Night Caracas was held on December 12 in the Aula Magna of the Andrés Bello Catholic University to benefit the program "Sponsor a friend " from the same university. It counted with the participation of 7 independent initiatives that transform reality in Venezuela such as: Dátiles para la Paz1001 Ideas para mi PaísCascos Verdes UCVApetoiLa Escuela de HumorSanta en las Calles, y Trabajo y Persona, as well as the presentations of  Ingrid Serrano y Willy McKey.

> Our graduate of Emprendedoras de la Belleza, Mariana "Mafalda" Pérez, is offering hairdressing services in Barcelona - Spain, where she currently lives; In addition, she is sharing writings on her website about her venture abroad.

- January 29: presentation of the projects of the European Union approved in the year 2017.

In English: Las Buenas Noticias de Trabajo y Persona – Diciembre 2017

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