When we started Trabajo  y Persona 10 years ago, it was observed in the country not only a detachment to the value of work, but a progressive deterioration of the living conditions which were tried to be solved with assistance measures. It is true that there are times when it is necessary to give the fish, but if you never invest in teaching how to fish, it is impossible to promote integral human development and much less to build a prosperous society.

To achieve prosperity, it is essential to involve "... education, access to health care, and above all employment, for it is through free, creative, participatory and mutually supportive labour that human beings express and enhance the dignity of their lives.” (Pope Francis, EG 192).

Just as it would be to reduce freedom to free will, we can not reduce work to doing only what we like to do. There is always going to be some work that displeases us, but this does not make it less liberating. The experience of freedom at work is the total expression of what we are, adhering to a proposal that fascinates us, that moves us to build.

Each one of us has that great possibility to co-create, to intervene in creation and to build a better world. Creation is an evolution where man intervenes, through his work, to generate goods and services to have a better world. Work is creative when I contribute for something to happen, when I move towards a positivity, to the desire to be useful.

Trabajo  y Persona, since its inception, has been a participatory and collaborative reality as well. Because to influence reality, man is called to express work according to the most appropriate logic required by the context: the relational. This is the need to always observe in the ultimate goal of work the face of the other and the responsible collaboration with other people. Collaboration is achieved through participation.

Finally, if work is solidary, new ways to offer opportunities for the person to regain their dignity appear. The way to favor work in the most vulnerable can vary: from self-employment, to undertake or to take advantage of the few jobs that still remain in the country. It is essential that at times like this nobody feels alone; let him know that he can count on the solidarity of someone who offers him a hand.

The results that Trabajo y Persona has achieved in these first 10 years are possible because it has counted with a human team and sponsors, who have committed themselves to prioritize free, creative, participatory and supportive work. In this way people have been educated who are protagonists of their lives and who influence the location of reality that they encounter; in that way the common good ceases to be an abstract concept in people who express and improve the dignity of their lives. 

Alejandro Marius

Trabajo y Persona served 10 years at the service of Venezuelan society! (I)

On February 20th the association celebrated its tenth anniversary with a meeting called The Person and their Work, protagonist of the common good, with the goal of sharing and exchanging the meaning of work as a component of the transformation of the individual in society. It was held in the Arturo Michelena room of the JW Marriott Hotel in Caracas, with the presence of associated people who throughout these 10 years have contributed to the social action of the organization.

Trabajo y Persona served 10 years at the service of Venezuelan society! (II)

The ceremony of the tenth anniversary began with a greeting from Cardinal Baltasar Porras recognizing the value of Trabajo y Persona for Venezuela; In addition, the words of the Bishop of La Guaira, Raúl Biord, delved into the meaning of the person. It featured exceptional panelists who confirmed the value of work, including: Karin Granados, Elisa Vegas, Horacio Velutini, Juan Ignacio Aristeguieta and Valentina Quintero. In addition, the event was moderated by Willy Mckey; It had the special presentation of Aquiles Báez and the Ensamble B11, as well as the participation of chocolate entrepreneurs. 

Entrepreneurs of Beauty received training in skin care
On February 5th, 11 graduates from different cohorts of Beauty Entrepreneurs conducted a workshop dedicated to knowing the skin types and the care they require. Additionally, they received tips and instructions to make facial masks from home, as well as a facial cleansing demonstration performed by Geraldine Flores, specialist in aesthetics.

The first 360 caregivers cohort was completed
On February 13th, and despite the difficulties in the country, the closing class of the first cohort of the 360 Caregivers degree took place in Invecapi, El Rosal. This project took place in alliance with Ford Motor of Venezuela and the Central University of Venezuela. Venezuela. With the intention of promoting self-care, the 21 participants received classes in: Hygiene and appearance, offered by volunteers from L'Oréal Venezuela; Use of social networks, facilitated by Simón Pestana; and Postures and ergonomics, offered by Osiris Cornachia, member of the program.

The National Team of Trabajo y Persona met in Caracas for one week
In the framework of the tenth anniversary of Trabajo y Persona, all the personnel of the different regions of the country met in Caracas from Monday 18 to Friday 22 February, in order to share different work and training activities, as well as to visit the sponsoring laboratories of Bitacora Cacao, Mantuano Chocolates and Origin Cacao. In addition, a workshop was offered by Luisa Elena Sucre in the World Cafe modality at Impact Hub Caracas

The creation of the curriculum of the Chocolate Entrepreneurship program began
In a triangulation between the University of the Andes, teacher César Carbonara from Cayré Chocolates, and Trabajo y Persona, the curriculum of study of the Chocolate Entrepreneurship Degree began to be updated to begin in the month of May. This degree is unprecedented in its modality because it incorporates into its structure the best of art and chocolate trade, as well as studies and business tools for the management of the trade.

- The graduates of Chocolate Entrepreneurs Haydeé Villegas, María Pineda, Leila Mendoza, Janeth Rivera and Geraldine Melo, participated during the anniversary event The Persona and their Work, protagonist of the common good, held at the JW Marriott Hotel in Caracas, in which they offered their products to taste, and they addressed the guests to explain the elaboration of the products and their experiences as entrepreneurs.
- Edwin Ortiz, a graduate of the 4th cohort of Conducting Your Future, was awarded a 100% scholarship to continue the 5th semester of Automotive Technology at the University Institute of Industrial Technology (IUTI) - based in San Cristobal.  

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