Darkness is the absence of light, and if we refer to electric light, the month of March 2019 has gone down in history as the darkest of Venezuela.  For someone who has not experienced it,, it is difficult to imagine a situation like this which affects the normality of life: from basic services such as water and communication, transportation, food preservation, etc. This has required us not to take anything for granted and to often be in "survival mode" instead of living.

Immersed in the darkness of the night in a city like Caracas, we could curse the guilty in a kind of collective catharsis, each solve of our problem and go to sleep, or we could look up to see a starry sky never seen before.

Within the drama of the blackouts, it was not only impossible to extinguish the light of the stars and the evidence of the sun that came out every day; we also witnessed events that showed how people with small gestures reflect light, when everything is dark and it seems that darkness reigns.

  This is what happened with Janeth at dawn on March 8, who after more than 12 hours without power and in the midst of uncertainty, arrived at the event that we had planned for International Women's Day fulfilling her responsibility.

Trabajo y Persona, even with the same difficulties as everyone, thanks to the passion of its entire team, allowed us to see several lights within the darkness, chaos and uncertainty: It started a new group of chocolate in Guatire as well as one in gastronomy in Carúpano, the first group of Caregivers 360 graduated, and several accompaniment activities were carried out, among which is the Chocolate Charity Victory Fair.

These events, along with thousands of solidarity initiatives of neighbors to help with food or water, obviously do not solve the electrical problem of a country, just as the stars of the night or a full moon are not enough to illuminate a city completely ; however, they are gestures full of light that show that absolute darkness does not exist.

In a problematic environment and with so many deficiencies, no one can take away the act of freedom to recognize the light within the darkness, and even take one more step: with our testimony we can enlighten others like a full moon in the middle of the night. Recently, Pope Francis recalled what ancient theologians called "mysterium lunae"; "The moon, which has no light of its own: reflects the light of the sun. Neither do we have our own light: our light is a reflection of the grace of God, of the light of God. If you love is because someone, who was not you, smiled at you when you were a child, teaching you to respond with a smile. If you love, it is because someone next to you woke you up to love, making you understand that in it resides the meaning of existence. "

Alejandro Marius

Carupano Gastronomic Entrepreneurs Program continued training during the mega blackout of Venezuela

On March 11, despite the context that dared the country due to the lack of electricity and drinking water, 12 participants of the Carpupano Gastronomic Entrepreneurs Program managed to attend the Honor to Work class, held in the spaces of the Casa de la Caridad of Santa Ana, and facilitated by Victor Ruíz, member of the San José Foundation. This initiative is possible thanks to the support of Ford Motor of Venezuela, the Diocese of Carúpano, Caritas Carúpano, Fogones y Bandera, San José Foundation and Fe y Alegría.

Venezuela already has its first certified group of Caregivers360
On March 21, the graduation of the 1st cohort of the Diploma of Care for Older Adults took place in the Mega Digital Room of Movistar. The distribution of certificates to the 21 participants was carried out by Prof. Rafael Mucci, director of the Extension Office of the Central University of Venezuela; Patricia Fuentes Gimón, Manager of Institutional Relations and Social Responsibility of Ford Motor of Venezuela; and Alejandro Marius, president of Trabajo y Persona; all representatives of the organizations that made the program possible.

Driving Your Future conducted a course on oil  and filter change for vehicles
On March 23, as a form of accompaniment to graduates of Driving Your Future, the short course of oil and filter change for vehicles was facilitated by Miguel Almenar of Mecatronic Automotive Service and held in the municipality of San Diego, edo. Carabobo. With a practical methodology, the participants learned about the lubrication system of gasoline engines, types of lubricants and the service of oil and filter changes.

Chocolates that beat cancer
On March 23 and 24, the Solidarity Fair Chocolate beats Cancer, to the benefit of Moisés de Lima, co-founder of Nirvana Cioccolato and husband of the graduate of Trabajo y Persona, Violeta García. It was organized on the initiative of Chocolate Entrepreneurs  along with Trabajo y Persona, CAVENIT and Kakao Venezuelan chocolates, as well as many brands of Venezuelan chocolates that donated their products for sale and fundraising. It took place in the spaces of La Reserva restaurant, C.C. San Ignacio; and in the Gourmet Caramelería in Trasnocho Cultural, respectively.

Prende il via Emprenedoras del chocolate a Guatire
On March 25 and within the framework of the social development project Venezuela Tierra de Cacao, funded by the European Union, the course of Chocolate Entrepreneurs in Guatire began with 20 local participants. These women will be formed in the office of chocolate, entrepreneurship and human development in the spaces of the Santa María Goretti Cecal and in the laboratory of the Santa Cruz Parish.

- Emma Torrealba, Maria Pineda, Haydee Villegas, Janeth Rivera, Leila Mendoza, Leonarda Garcia, Suzana Henriquez, Yasmil Cortez, Katiuska Huérfano and Sonia Arias, graduates of Chocolate Entrepreneurs, donated products for the solidarity Fair Chocolate Beats Cancer, to the benefit of the co-founder of Nirvana Cioccolato, Moisés de Lima.
Janeth Rivera, graduate from the 1st cohort of the Venezuela Tierra de Cacao Project held in the community of Petare, participated as a scholarship recepient in the Bean to Bar course, offered by Cacao de Origen from March 25 to 30.
- Carmen Terán, a graduate of Chocolate Entrepreneurs from the cohort Fundación Niña Madre (2014), continues to work with her chocolate business in Noruega, where she currently resides. She has participated in some festivals and events held in her Church; She also made the catering for an event of Cáritas Norway.
-Marlene Briceño, Emma Torrealba and Verónica Prieto, graduates of Chocolate Entrepreneurs, came together to create Chocolate Heróicas, a new brand that comes onto the market in order to offer an ideal product for snacks, pastries and chocolate. The engineer Jean Letondeur is supporting the project and hosts them in his chocolate laboratories.
Mirna Jukisz, graduate from the 7th cohort of Beauty Entrepreneurs, is currently strengthening her business by offering manicure and pedicure services at home.
Nixon Pandare and José Morales, graduates of the 4th and 5th cohorts of Driving Your Future, respectively, culminated in the month of March specialization courses in electricity and automotive electronics.

- April 27: 2nd edition of the short Oil and Filter Change Course for graduates of Driving Your Future, in San Diego, edo. Carabobo

In English: Las Buenas Noticias de “Trabajo y Persona” – March 2019