Meet our main projects


This is a diploma endorsed by the Central University of Venezuela (UCV) that aims to train caregivers of older adults. The program has been supported by Ford Motor de Venezuela and is the first formal study of this type in the country.

Satellite TV


This program is executed in Greater Caracas in partnership with Fundación Telefónica and Movistar volunteers.

Organic agriculture

In this sector, efforts were added with the Don Bosco Agricultural Learning Center, Icarus Civil Association, Venezuela Without Limits and the University of Zulia (LUZ).

Venezuela. The People, the Song, the Work

Together with the Ithaca Publishing House celebrating its 30 year anniversary and Trabajo y Persona celebrating our tenth anniversary, we published a book-CD of Venezuelan songs with a common thread: work.

We selected a Venezuelan repertoire composed of traditional work songs and pieces of modern composers that help deepen the awareness of these workers; in which the astonishment for the beauty of the surroundings prevails, the attention to the relation with the coworkers and the longing for a good work day.

Produced by Aquiles Báez, this project involved more than 30 Venezuelan musicians, Bigott Foundation, Antequera Parilli & Rodríguez, among others.