Will humanity be the same after this pandemic? Is it possible that living in so much suffering will make us fall into the same error? What can we learn from all this? What will the future of the economy, work and the relationships between people be like?

In these days, weeks and months, macro questions like these have arisen, including the most existential ones: what am I doing locked up here? What is the meaning of life? Is it possible to be happy during the pandemic? What do I do with so much pain in the face of my helplessness, illness and death of friends, even when I cannot go to a funeral? To the most operative and dramatic questions which in Venezuela precede the pandemic: how can I eat if my salary is not enough or if I depend on my sales for the day? Where do I get medicines if I get sick or in which hospital could I be treated? Do I die from the pandemic or from starvation?

If there is something that has been identified during the pandemic it is that human beings have been united by uncertainty and fear in the face of this overwhelming and dramatic reality. However, we are also united by our nature which consists in the demand for meaning and is expressed in questions. Now the true breaking point is the type of hypotheses regarding these questions and the path that we can humanly follow in order to initiate the answers.

It has also become clear that every job is necessary and important. From health personnel who are on the front line of the emergency, to those who have stayed at home and have had to adapt to a new dynamic and experienced a new way of working.

The real challenge we have to face is understanding that if everything changes we also have to change our way of working, teaching, learning, caring for the planet and above all caring for each other. This is a task that we cannot postpone until this is over but rather have to start right now. If we wait for it to happen nothing will really change.

Likewise, this social distancing which we are called to live cannot be an excuse to distance ourselves from the needs of the other, especially the most vulnerable. On the contrary, it is a great occasion for a closer proximity to people’s needs.

As the French sociologist Alain Touraine says, a “responsible imagination” is necessary on the part of nations, states, civil society, and then each of us, to face these new challenges. We are in this together and the way out is united. Otherwise the future for the planet and humanity is at stake.

“Everything changes” as Julio Numhauser’ song popularized by Mercedes Sosa says. These days some friends of mine made the most beautiful version I have seen and heard and it ends by saying: “But my love does not change / No matter how far I am / Neither memory nor pain / Of my town and my people / What yesterday changed / Will have to change tomorrow / Just as I change / In this distant land”.

Alejandro Marius
We continue with the training of our graduates

On April 21 the chat forum “Hamburger bread” was facilitated by Emprendedora del Chocolate (Chocolate Entrepreneur) Janeth Rivera who graduated from the 1st cohort of the Venezuela Tierra de Cacao project in Petare. The training included the participation of more than 100 graduates from the different programs carried out by the organization at the national level. This activity was carried out as part of the proposals that arise in order to accompany female entrepreneurs during these times when reality suggests reinventing business models.

Leonarda García: alliances in times of confinement

Since the beginning of April the Emprendedora del Chocolate, Leonarda García, graduate from the 1st cohort of the Venezuela Tierra de Cacao project in Petare and founder of the Sabores LG venture, is working as an ally and provider of Tentación Café Caracas (@cafetentacionccs) along with her nephew. Leonarda is in charge of making bread for hamburgers, pepitos, croissants and jams, and they have a Delivery service in Altamira and Chacao in the state of Miranda. In addition, the entrepreneur makes desserts, snacks and catering services on request

María Pineda: un gesto solidario para los más vulnerables

On April 4 our graduate of the 3rd cohort of Emprendedoras del Chocolate (Invecapi 2014) and founder of @maguizcakes in Caracas, María Pineda, donated desserts to children and adults in El Marqués neighborhood in Miranda state. The goal of the activity was to bring a little joy and to lift up the spirits of these people, making them feel that they are not alone. Maguiz’s Cakes is a family business so María was supported and accompanied by her husband and children in this initiative.

Yowarka Torres: learning with the family

In the month of April the graduate of the 3rd cohort of the Emprendedoras de la Belleza – Belleza por un Futuro (Beauty Entrepreneurs program – Beauty for a Future), Yowarka Torres did haircuts and hydrations at home for her family members as an exercise to continue training through practice during quarantine. Her last hydration consisted of a natural ampoule made from natural yogurt, olive oil, aloe crystals and a few drops of Elvive Extraordinary Oil (a product of L’Oreal Paris).

Miritza Noguera: “From teacher to hairdresser”

In the month of April the graduate of the 7th cohort of the Emprendedoras de la Belleza – Belleza por un Futuro program, Miritza Noguera, launched her blog “Beauty Miri” created with the intention of sharing her experiences in the world of beauty, concerns, curiosities, values and above all her love for work. Her first article is called “From teacher to hairdresser” and you can enjoy it by clicking here.

Maussa Ivimas: opening paths

On April 25 and after holding her first chat forum with our support in March, the Emprendedora de la Belleza  graduate from the 8th cohort of the Belleza por un Futuro program Maussa Ivimas held a chat forum on her own account and continued training in Dark Circle Makeup. The following topics were addressed: Skin care, eye contour, dark circles tones, corrections with the color circle, professional dark circles makeup and brushes for dark circles concealer. Maussa will continue to offer training on her Instagram account @maussa_ivimas.

Tiffani Moncada: example of an enterprising mother

In the month of April the Emprendedora de la Belleza graduate from the 8th cohort of the Belleza por un Futuro program Tiffany Moncada continued offering the workshops of her entrepreneurship @tiffacademia, through the chat forum modality. Topics offered include Eyebrows for beginners, Eyelash curling and Waxing, as well as Wax Design and Pigmentation. Tiffani is the mother of two children and is currently pregnant, a clear example of the strength of the Venezuelan woman.

May 1 was International Workers’ Day and our team took this opportunity to point out that work is more than just an activity that people do to provide for themselves … Work is the great dignity of man.
Make it a month to work from home with all the #AmorAlDetalle.
#YoTrabajoEnCasa #YoTrabajoEnMí #YoTrabajoPorElBienComún