The fatigue of work added to what we have to deal with every day seems to absorb us in a Venezuela that gives no respite to anyone. Getting food or medicine, dealing with basic services that do not work and all of its consequences seem like an endless race. On the other hand, we have the exasperating economic management of a country that makes us face an endless list of problems. These are always on the lookout to put us in a big dilemma: being a distraction from our vocation or an occasion to recognize it and delve into it.

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry said it so brilliantly with his famous phrase: “The traveler who crosses a mountain in the direction of a star, runs the risk of forgetting which his guiding star is if he concentrates too exclusively on the climbing problems. If he only acts for action’s sake, he will get nowhere.”

In the deepest social crisis of the century in the continent, it is not easy to avoid the temptation of sinking deeply in problems, and it is urgent not to lose sight of that one and only star that guides each one of us towards the common good, in a personal way, spreading to communities and to societies.

Beyond all ideological positions and beliefs, we are together to work for the common good of our Motherland: Venezuela. A Mother (mater) begets, generates, she is origin and source, she is fertile as our land and welcomes everyone become a starting point for education, work, and progress; Patria (pater) is our heritage, the goods we have received as a heritage from our ancestors and it generates a unique culture.

We are travelers in our own mater-pater and the crisis we are experiencing is that great mountain that we must cross to continue in the direction of the star that guides us. However, even if we were to achieve a state of welfare, we would not necessarily be well; well-being does not meet with being well. We can see this in other countries where standards of living that are desirable for us have been conquered and, yet still, other kinds of problems persist.

The human being will go on in history, as a traveler flanking mountains, looking for that star to guide him. I will be able to continue working happily in such a problematic reality because that star will lighten all the mountains and cliffs that I have to cross, and for this, that very same star is the answer to my infinite desire for beauty, happiness, truth, and justice.

Alejandro Marius
Women’s Day: brave and entrepreneur

On April 10, a meeting was held at the CIAP UCAB to commemorate International Women’s Day, with the participation of graduates of programs developed by Trabajo y Persona, and the mothers of ChamaTech´s young participants. The activity was an opportunity for them for sharing their points of view over the role of women in society, through working sessions assisted by outstanding women in different areas such as design, journalism, and gastronomy among others. The meeting was attended by the French Ambassador, Romain Nadal; Alejandro Marius, founder of Trabajo y Persona; and Pily Modroño, CIAP consultant.

Building values in Venezuela

On April 25, Ford Motor of Venezuela and Trabajo y Persona attended the Social Perspectives 2019 meeting, organized by the Venezuelan-American Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Venamcham. Like other actors and projects that develop values in the country, they presented the Conduciendo Tu Futuro (Driving Your Future) program. In the same way, Diana Hernández, director of Institutional Development in Trabajo y Persona, participated as moderator of the panel: Companies that have built the value system.

Bishop of Guarenas visited the Emprendedoras del Chocolate (Chocolate Entrepreneurs)

On April 26, the participants of the 1st Guatire Emprendedoras del Chocolate (Chocolate Entrepreneurs)  Cohort, from the Venezuela Tierra de Cacao project, received the visit of the Diocese of Guarenas, Bishop, Msgr. Gustavo Naranjo García, in the laboratory-school; there, he shared with them and congratulated them for their commitment to continue their education despite the difficulties. Also, the program started the practical classes, this time, under the instruction of the graduate of Emprendedoras del Chocolate, and now chocolate teacher, Marifé Mata, who taught temperature techniques, and the preparation of tablets, truffles and beggars.

Conduciendo Tu Futuro (Driving your future) ran the second edition of the Oil and Filter Change course

On April 27, the Oil and Filter Change short course for graduates of Conduciendo Tu Futuro (Driving your future) was held in San Diego, edo. Carabobo. The activity of practical nature, which was directed by Miguel Almenar of Mechatronic Automotríz Service CA, allowed the participants to know the aspects concerning: lubrication system of the engine, lubricants, types, and properties, maintenance and change of lubricants, equipment and tools used, customer service and disposal of waste in preventive maintenance of engine lubrication systems.

Trabajo y Persona now has Consultative Council!

As it fulfills its tenth anniversary with new challenges to face in a changing Venezuela, Trabajo y Persona had the vision to bring together extraordinary professionals and human beings to create its first Advisory Board, with the intention of sharing, empowering, and generating new ideas for the years to come and thus continuing to promote the value of work in the country. Thanks to Edgar Contreras, Domingo Plaz, and Ricardo Antequera, as well as the board of directors.

– Marifé Mata, the graduate of the Emprendedoras del Chocolate (Chocolate Entrepreneurs) program, is currently a trainer of the 1st cohort of Emprendedoras del Chocolate in Guatire. Thank you for teaching your knowledge to others!
– María Josefina Fernández “Pina”, a graduate from Emprendedoras del Chocolate (Chocolate Entrepreneurs), arrived in Spain stealing hearts with her delicious chocolates and her passion to train other people. Recently, she gave a short chocolate course organized by the Red Cross for Spanish friends. Between her and her students, they began the promotion of their products among acquaintances, with packages bought in Ámazon, logo, and poetry: “Sweet dreams of Ave Fénix”. With the proceeds, she bought polycarbonate molds to respond to the proposal to be a supplier of a center for parties and events. We are very proud of you, Pina!