History is a fundamental value for understanding the present; thus, when a year ends, it is important to review what we have experienced and learned, the objectives achieved and those that we have had to postpone or modify. At the start of a new year, it is a good time to review our resolutions and the goals we want to achieve.

In Venezuela, many of us have “endless desires and superb visions”, as the great poet Giacomo Leopardi wrote. Willingness to transform the reality that we live in order to seek the common good in our country; however, we are subject to a roller coaster of moods, difficulties that exceed the best predictions, reaching unthinkable levels. The worst consequence of what we are going through is to get used to it, to always try to “solve”, to survive, and to forget to live; in such a way that the desire falls asleep and we remain paralyzed or as if dead alive, without perceiving the reality to the depths.

In Chant XXX of his poem On the portrait of a pretty woman, sculpted in his sepulchral monument, Leopardi becomes a traveling companion with these verses:

Endless desires and superb visions
Creates in wandering thought:
With natural virtue, learned harmony;
Human nature, why being so fragile and infamous in everything,
If you are dust and shadow, do you consider yourself so superior?

It is probable that we have sometimes experienced this contradiction; on the one hand, infinite desires in our heart (beauty, justice, truth), which we try to identify with many things, projects and experiences that generate this “learned harmony”; and, moreover, great fragility in the face of factors that we do not control and overwhelm us or cause desire to disappear.

Faced with this whirlwind, it is fundamental to have an appropriate attitude towards what is happening, because it is often an unforeseen event that surprises us and brings us out of lethargy and if we are distracted we risk ‘ignore the best part: a look, a landscape, a friendly word, or even an unforeseen situation that shakes us up. Don Luigi Giussani said that the best hypothesis to understand the why of shadows in the half-light was not to look at them but to face the point, however weak, from which the light comes.

So, is it possible that these desires of the beginning of the year can continue, even under such dire circumstances? Is it possible that reality hides an ultimate positive side so that it turns into an ally? Everyone must find their own answer. For my part, I am convinced that it is possible because something always happens, or I meet someone who helps me to look at the points of light among the shadows, and thus the desire to continue is reborn.

Alejandro Marius
Venezuela has new Cuidadores360!

On December 4, the graduation of the short course Cuidadores360 took place in partnership with the Universidad Central de Venezuela and the collaboration of Clínica El Ávila, Farmatodo Venezuela, and the Firefighters of the Capital District. The ceremony took place at the Impact Hub Caracas and was attended by allies such as Rafael Mucci, Vicente Marzullo, Yuly Rawik; facilitators and family members of the 15 graduates, who during 8 weeks were prepared in theoretical and practical classes to practice the profession.

Trabajo y Persona met with the artists and allies of the Proyecto Música y Trabajo  (Music and Work project)

On December 6, a meeting took place with the artists and allies who made  Venezuela. El pueblo, la musica y el trabajo. . At the Impact Hub Caracas, representatives of Trabajo y Persona had an exchange on the origin and content of this proposal which brings together words, images, sounds, aromas and flavors that have shown the beauty of traditions. This meeting was also an opportunity to listen to the impressions of the performers, participate in a chocolate tasting, listen to a few songs and taste gastronomic products related to the trades associated with this proposal

Emprendedoras Gastronómicas  (Gastronomic Entrepreneurs) of Carúpano presented their business creation plan

On December 18, the 17 participants of the 2nd group of the Emprendimiento y nutrición-Gastronomía360 (Entrepreneurship and Nutrition-Gastronomy360) program presented their business creation proposals to a jury made up of the Bishop of the Diocese of Carúpano, Monsignor Jaime Villarroel, the CECAL Training coordinator. Madre Alberta Giménez, Josmar González, the director of the Hotel Euro Caribe, José Leonardo Termini and the director of Cáritas Carúpano, the priest Jesús Villarroel; all these sponsoring institutions of the said project, jointly with Ford Motor of Venezuela. This activity took place in the Main Lounge of Casa Santa Ana (Sainte Anne House).

Emprendedoras Gastrnómicas (Gastronomic Entrepreneurs) from “Carúpano” presented the “Last Meal” (Plato Final)

On December 23, on Christmas Eve, the participants of the 2nd group of the Emprendimiento y nutrición-Gastronomía360 (Entrepreneurship and Nutrition-Gastronomy360) program offered, at the end of the course, a menu presented in four stages, with ingredients from the area; they also explained the origin of each dish, the main ingredients, the presentation, and the nutritional benefits. This activity took place in the Main Hall of Casa Santa Ana and the jury was made up of representatives of the Diocese of Carúpano, Ron Carúpano, the Río Caribe School and Laboratory, and Trabajo y Persona.

Trabajo y Persona returned to Italy, invited by sponsors

The founder of “Trabajo y Persona”, Alejandro Marius, traveled to Italy in December, to participate in various meetings such as the Saint Lucia Supper in Padua, sharing the experience of this organization with more than 1,000 guests and young people. who pursue training in learning centers. In addition, thanks to the Associazione Centri Culturali, he went to an activity carried out by the Cultural Center of Milan, with the presence of Bernhard Scholz, as well as in Lugano, invited by the cultural center of this city. He also participated in Padua in the Christmas party in the Due Palazzi prison, where the Giotto Cooperative offers work proposals to prisoners.

Emprendedoras de Valencia (Entrepreneurs from de Valencia)  presented their Business Creation Plan

On December 19 and 20, the 14 participants of the 1st group of the Emprendimiento y nutrición-Gastronomía360 (Entrepreneurship and Nutrition-Gastronomy360) program in Valencia, presented their business creation proposals, as well as their products, to an evaluation jury integrated by the vice-president of Cavenit Carabobo (Venezolano-Italian Chamber of Commerce), Antonella Pinto, the trainer in gastronomy, Osiris Gonzales, the chef of Hotel Cristal Park, Robert Ojeda, the regional coordinator, César Córdoba, the support coordinator of Valencia, Endrina Cerró and the Project Coordinator, Gabriela Delgado, the latter three belonging to the Trabajo y Persona team.

-A multisensory proposal made on December 6, on the occasion of the meeting with artists and allies of the Music and Work project, were included aromas and flavors that connected us with our terroir, products developed by graduates of Emprendedoras del chocolate (Chocolate entrepreneurs)  Verónica PrietoEmma Torrealba, and Marlene Briceño , founders of Chocolates Las Heroicas, and Violeta García , founder of Nirvana Cioccolato.

– Yesenia Díaz, Emprendedoras de la Belleza (Entrepreneur of Beauty), graduate of the Beauty for a Future program, inaugurated her beauty salon “Mi gran amor” in La Dolorita, Petare; it offers hairdressing services for women, barber, manicure and pedicure. His project was set out as a business plan during the development of this program.

– Miritza Noguera, Emprendedoras de la Belleza (Entrepreneur of Beauty), a graduate of the 7th of Beauty program group for a Future, gave classic cut courses to Tiff Academy Tiffani Moncada, a graduate of the 8th group as Entrepreneur of Beauty.
These courses respond to the invitation of Tiffani who got to know Miritza during one of the support activities organized by Trabajo y Persona.

– Darling Rendón, Emprendedora de la Belleza (Entrepreneur of Beauty), graduate of the 8 th Beauty for a Future group, led the conference Imponer su marca y su imagen personal (Impose your brand and your personal image), in the spaces of Alta Vibra, in Sabana Grande.

-On December 6, Elen Aguilera , graduate of the Emprendedoras del Chocolate (Chocolate Entrepreneur) of the 1 st group of Carúpano, of the Venezuela Tierra del Cacao project, as well as Marithé Martínez , graduate of the 2 nd group of Emprendimiento y nutrición-Gastronomía360 (Entrepreneurship and Nutrition-Gastronomy360), exhibited their products at the first Expo-Educarte Fair, organized by Fe y Alegría. On interactive stands, they introduced the inhabitants of Carúpano to the work carried out in 2019, as well as the program for 2020.