“We live in a world of lies and it is easy to get carried away by appearances, by a momentary success or by absurd coincidences, but there is always the word of God that arrives, there is always an encounter that defines us, there is always a reality that is worth following, and this is the grace of freedom, I am not like a flag in the wind, I am a person who uses his will, uses his intelligence, his life to affirm the profound freedom of Being and to live, and it is beautiful, beautiful », Mother Cristiana Piccardo.

As I have told several times, the origin of Trabajo y Persona is intimately linked to my friendship with Mother Cristiana Piccardo. I met her when she was 75 and it struck me how she transmitted the value of the transcendent and contingent through the Benedictine rule Ora et Labora. When I started Trabajo y Persona she was 84 years old, and in the current month of September she turned 94: I would like to dedicate this editorial to let you know some of her reflections in meetings we had:

“Man easily considers work, human fatigue, as an inevitable condemnation and forgets that work is the path through which man realizes himself and expresses himself”.

«Work, whatever it is, if it is assumed with full responsibility, is the great dignity of man. Given that it does not matter if it is a professional, blue-collar or domestic job, but rather the form, the attention, the dedication with which it is performed ».

“It’s the little things that build a destiny.”

«Work is fruitful if it is an expression of collaboration, of interpenetration, of communion: you cannot work together if you do not recognize the work done by others, if you do not value the work of others, even if not very skilled. We depend on each other ».

“In these times when people make so many protests, I think that the greatest impact is yours, because you are proposing training for people, an education for work, a leading role that means humanity, responsibility, human dignity, freedom of man and this is a great thing ».

Alejandro Marius
“Viernes de Belleza” (Beauty Friday) with: Jhoan Robles

On 18 and 19 September, the Emprendedoras de la Belleza participated in the Taller de colorimetría (I) held by Jhoan Robles, a graduate of the Formador de Formadores program which takes place together with L’Oréal Venezuela. During the workshop, the participants learned, in a theoretical and practical way, the different techniques of colorimetry such as Balayage and the technique of color tips. This workshop is part of the accompaniment that is given to the graduates of Trabajo y Persona.

Accompaniment (Carúpano): “Taller de inteligencia emocional” (Emotional Intelligence Workshop)

On September 1st, the Taller de Inteligencia Emocional was held for the diplomas of the Emprendedoras del Chocolate, as part of the Venezuela Tierra de Cacao project, and Emprendedoras Gastronómicas. It was carried out at the Casa de la Caridad Santa Ana and was taught by psychologist Wilberto Hernández, who belongs to the Caritas Carúpano team, and shared tools and skills derived from the study of emotional intelligence to be applied in everyday life.

Accompaniment (Caracas): “Colorimetría en bombones” (Colorimetry in chocolates)

On September 24, the Taller de colorimetría de bombones (chocolate colorimetry workshop) was held in Invecapi, El Rosal, as part of the accompaniment offered to Trabajo y Persona graduates. The training was directed by Violeta García, co-founder of Nirvana Chocolate and also Emprendedora del Chocolate . Participants learned how to prepare the dyes, what material to use, and, finally, how to color the chocolates without the airbrush.

Accompaniment (Caracas): “Taller de Programación Neuro Lingüística para Cuidadores360” (Neuro-Linguistic Programming for Cuidadores360)

On 26 September, at the spaces of Trabajo y Persona in Caracas, the Taller de Programación Neuro Lingüística ( Neuro-Linguistic Programming Workshop) was held for Cuidadores360, who care for elderly people with disabilities or in need of assistance. Anna Peccori and Ninoska Bravo were in charge of providing training that integrates NLP strategies to prevent and minimize the effects of the “carer syndrome”, favoring its role as a promoter of biopsychosocial well-being to improve the quality of life of the people who are entrusted.

Accompaniment (Carúpano): “Taller de trabajo en equipo” (Teamwork workshop)

On 4 September, the Taller de Trabajo en Equipo (Teamwork Workshop) was held, held for graduates of the Emprendedoras del Chocolate, of the Venezuela Tierra de Cacao project and for the Emprendedoras Gastronómicas. It was directed by Juan Rodríguez, who is part of Caritas Carúpano, and who provided participants with basic concepts of work, teamwork, training and group strategies, goals, differences between group and team, and the benefits of teamwork. In addition, the training offered information on the organization, vision, mission, and organizational structure.

“Trabajo y Persona” and L’Oréal Venezuela have concluded the eighth course of “Emprendedoras de la Belleza“! (Beauty Entrepreneurs)

On 30 September, in the Mega Digital Room of Movistar, the graduation ceremony for the eighth course of Emprendedoras de la Belleza – Belleza per un Futuro, a program created in collaboration with L’Oréal Venezuela, was held. After successfully completing their training process, 20 women handed over their business plans to a jury who rated them positively, revealing the potential of these new entrepreneurs. The event was attended by trainers and representatives of L’Oréal Venezuela, Trabajo y Persona, teachers, and relatives of the graduates.

“Acompañamiento” (Barquisimeto): “Taller de costos intermedios” with KPMG (Intermediate Cost Workshop)

On 13 September, the “Taller de costos intermedio” (seminar on intermediate costs) was held at the offices of KMPG, Barquisimeto, designed for those who graduated from the Curso Corto de Bombonería Artesanal (Short course in artisan chocolate) and for the Emprendedoras Gastronomicas by El Tocuyo, who previously attended the basic costs seminar. During the lecture, given by Yolimar Aguilar and Leslie González, volunteers from KPMG, the participants reinforced the basic concepts and deepened the Venezuelan laws on costs.

– The graduate of the first Emprendedoras del Chocolate course, in alliance with Casa Deus, and founder of the Naturalchoco company, Glissel Santana, received a special award on 8 August in the Quinto Concurso Nacional de Chocolate Peruano. Glissel, who currently lives in Peru, continues to work in the area in which she was trained in Venezuela. Best wishes!

– The graduate of the third course of Conduciendo Tu Futuro, Alexandra Molina, participated with her company Mocinas at the Expo Empreseimiento 963, held on 28 September at the Ucaima Hotel in the city of Valencia. Alexandra presented a variety of desserts that delighted those present and unveiled her restaurant and catering services.

– The graduate of the 1st group of Emprendedoras del Chocolate di Carúpano, of the Venezuela Tierra de Cacao project, Rosa Jiménez, was hired by the organizers of the first tasting of Ron Carúpano, to delight those present with their chocolates filled with Jobito (typical fruit of the area). The tasting took place on September 20 at the EuroCaribe International Hotel in the city of Carúpano.