“Trabajo y Persona” celebrates 12 years of educating protagonists for the common good

Three videos of the “Proyecto Venezuela” (Venezuela project) were premiered at the event. “El pueblo, el canto, el trabajo” (the people, the song, the work)

By T&P – March 19, 2021

On February 26, Trabajo y Persona celebrated its twelfth anniversary together with alumni and allies from different programs through an event via Zoom, in which they commemorated its founding by Alejandro Marius on February 20, 2009. Since then, the association has been committed to educating protagonists of the common good: women and young Venezuelans in vulnerable situations trained in different trades so that they can become entrepreneurs and become part of the labor market.

The celebration began with a video summarizing the activities carried out in 2020; then, the event was divided into three moments along with the premiere of three unreleased videos belonging to the Proyecto Venezuela. El pueblo, el canto, el trabajo (Venezuela project. The people, the song, the work): the first,  Canto de ordeño (The Milking Song), explains the need for beauty in work and the love of detail; the second video,  Canto de lavanderas (The Washerwomen’s Song), highlights the value of alliances and teamwork; and the third video, entitled El Frutero (The Frutero), spreads a meaningful message about the joy of serving, the relationship with the customer and pride in one’s own product or service.

Alejandro had the honor of kicking off the digital event, in which he reflected on the importance of being able to be reborn through work, always maintaining humility: “We cannot forget about learning… We have shown that we can get ahead thanks to our work and the work we can do with others. Let’s look at the positive, let’s rescue what we have learned, responding to problems creatively and together.”

To promote the message of valuing teamwork, the people connected could listen to the words of the French ambassador in Venezuela, Romain Nadal; the Italian ambassador in Venezuela, Placido Vigo; the secretary-general of the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Venezuela, Jean Pietro Cattabriga; and the PR and CSR manager of Ford Motor de Venezuela, Patricia Fuentes.

They all congratulated the Trabajo y Persona team for the work that has been carried out over the course of 12 years. The French ambassador commented that thanks to the management of the association, it is possible to “measure more precisely how the world of work is evolving in Venezuelan society and what its dreams and projects are”, which is a source of inspiration. For his part, the Italian ambassador recalled that work must be “the compass and beacon that unites us all”.

The guests also listened to the life and recorded testimonies of some graduates of the different programs, such as the Emprendedoras del Chocolate (Chocolate Entrepreneur), Glissel Santana from Peru; the Emprendedora Gastronómica (Gastronomic Entrepreneur), Francys Lucero from Valencia; Edwin Ortíz, from the program Conduciendo Tu Futuro (Driving for your Future) from the State of Táchira. And from Caracas, the satellite TV installer, José Gregorio Guía; the Emprendedora de la Belleza (Beauty Entrepreneur), Miritza Noguera; and Freddy Fernández, from the Cuidadores360 program.

Gratitude and a sense of commitment were evident in the videos of the graduates, in which they stated that “service is the foundation of their work”, as Miritza Noguera said, and that thanks to the techniques acquired in the different training courses they can provide a good service to customers, always with effort and dedication.

To conclude, Alejandro Marius dedicated a few words of thanks to the guests for attending, and to the team for their commitment to the association, motivating them to continue giving the best of themselves in their daily work, being agents of change through continuous learning in order to be better people.