“We in Venezuela are ahead of you, Europeans,” I said somewhat challengingly in public meetings during my last trip in Spain and Italy, “because reality does not give us a break and we have to discover the meaning of everything we do to every moment”. Saying those words in the drama of living in Venezuela seems strange, but I am convinced that all this happens for an even greater reason than just working to change reality and improve it. I ́m a witness of the personal and professional growth that has meant, for me and so many others, living in Venezuela in recent years.

However, this conviction of the ultimate and positive value of reality does not exempt us from the fatigue and tiredness involved in work. Seeing all the activities, courses, and events that we continue to carry out together with our allies, we cannot hide the effort and at the same time the increasing wear and tear that we carry out in an environment that always becomes more complicated; Thus, questions arise about the value of work: is it enough to achieve the results and the “success” to make sense of all the effort, sacrifice and tiredness involved in working? Why is it worth it, after all, to work?

My friend Franco Nembrini gave me a precious gift: his latest book and documentary video Dante and Work. In this work he shows, through fragments of the Divine Comedy, testimonies of some people and his own comments about the value of taking a tiring journey within work. Like Dante, we have to go through Hell and Purgatory to get to Paradise, but not as tolls to pay, but precisely because of the value of doing that path; the value of fatigue and suffering as factors that reveal our consistency at every step.

Certainly, it is up to each one to answer the question of why it is worth to work, but Franco makes us a proposal: “I wish that each one can embark on his or her own trip, tiring, but that allows us to perform the good for which we have been made. (…) Because if man’s job is to participate in God’s work, in the end, this is: to love, to love good, to want to see good triumph. In relationships, things, life, society, economy, culture, wanting good, what is true, what makes a good man, what makes him happy.”


Alejandro Marius
Tribute to Susana Rafalli with oriental flavorIn

June, the Carúpano’s Emprendedoras Gastronómicas (Gastronomic Entrepreneurs) were invited by the bishop of the Diocese of Carúpano, Mons. Jaime Villarroel, to make the tasting dishes in the tribute to Dr. Susana Rafalli, nutritionist, Venezuelan activist and nutrition consultant of Cáritas Carúpano. The celebration was held at the Euro-Caribe Hotel, and more than 50 people participated, mostly medical staff from Cáritas, who were delighted with the exquisite dishes full of authentic oriental flavor.

Emprendedoras Gastronómicas of Carúpano prevailed with an excellent gastronomic exhibition

In June, the presentation of the business plan of the Emprendedoras Gastronómicas (Gastronomic Entrepreneurs) of Carúpano was carried out. Through an allegory, these women represented the arrival of Christopher Columbus to the lands of the Sucre state. The activity was took place at the facilities of Casa Santa Ana, where the bishop of the Diocese of Carúpano, Mons. Jaime Villarroel, attended as a jury; Ron Carúpano rum teacher, Carmen López Bastidas; the manager of the Euro-Caribe Hotel, José Leonardo Termini; the pastor of the San Martín de Porres Church, Marvin Vivas; and the director of Cáritas Carúpano, Rev Jesús Villarroel.

Entrepreneurs received a special class with Veruska Pochón

On June 7, the Ice Cream Carrot Cake Workshop was held with Venezuelan-French chocolate master Veruska Pochón. This interactive class took place at Invecapi, El Rosal, where 15 graduates of the Emprendedoras del Chocolate program from different cohorts in attendance shared experiences and learned new techniques from the author of the book Éclat et Arome Cacao Venezuela.

Conversation with Veruska Pochón and Emprendedoras del Chocolate of Guatire

On June 10, within the framework of the visit to Venezuela of Veruska Pochón, founder of Femmes Du Cacao, the Trabajo y Persona team organized a forum where Guatire’s Emprendedoras del Chocolate were able to share experiences and intricacies about the chocolate world with the renowned chocolate teacher. 

Éclat et Arôme Cacao Venezuela: the book that brings together the best of two countries

On June 11, Trabajo y Persona accompanied the ally and friend Veruska Pochón, at the christening of her book Éclat et Arôme Cacao Venezuela; a tribute to the actors and history of Venezuelan cocoa. The publication, in addition to exalting the diversity of flavors and aromas of the Venezuelan landscapes, offers recipes for Venezuelan and French pastries and gastronomy. It was an intimate meeting held at the home of the French ambassador, Romain Nadal, attended by chocolate masters and companies, as well as the Emprendedoras del Chocolate who offered exquisite sweets produced by their ventures

Representatives from the Netherlands and Germany learned about the work of Emprendedoras del Chocolate in Valencia

On June 19, the head of business of the German Embassy, Daniel Krull; the first secretary of the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Jeroen Sprangers; and the representative of CAVENIT Valencia, Antonella Pinto, visited the Emprendedoras del Chocolate of the Venezuela Tierra de Cacao project. In this meeting, held at the premises of the Cecal Luisa Cáceres de Arismendi, the entrepreneurs were able to share their experiences and demonstrate what they learned with the training.

“If men don’t build, how will they live?”: Meeting with the CDO in Madrid, Spain

On June 20, the Knowledge edition 2019 was held in Madrid, Spain, where the founder of Trabajo y Persona, Alejandro Marius, shared the importance of building with others even in difficult situations such as Venezuela. In the same meeting, the founder of Mantuano Chocolate, Giovanni Conversi, presented the chocolates with social impact; an initiative that is developed in Venezuela in order to support the process of accompaniment of the Emprendedoras del Chocolate of Trabajo y Persona.

Trabajo y Persona participated in the France Tuya Fair 2019

The France Tuya Fair 2019 took place on June 21 – 23 in the Plaza de Los Palos Grandes of Caracas, where the new Emprendedoras del Chocolate of the project Venezuela Tierra de Cacao, Elvira Delgado, Eddy Pini, and Leila Mendoza, had the opportunity offer their products at a stand hand in hand with the Trabajo y Persona team. They took the opportunity to make themselves known and share their experiences within the program.

Automotive diagnosis and scanning course for graduates of Conduciendo tu Futuro

On June 22, the Basic course of automotive diagnosis and scanning was held in San Diego, Edo. Carabobo, for graduates of Conduciendo tu Futuro, a program carried out together with Ford Motor of Venezuela. The participants, guided by facilitator Miguel Almenar, of Mecatronic Servicio automotrizC.A., learned about basic aspects of the integrated diagnostic system, types and functions of the vehicle scanner, keywords in the diagnostic system, vehicle communication modules and failure codes failures. In addition, they performed a practice vehicle scan, monitoring the fault codes and the diagnostic system.

Carúpano’s Emprendedoras del Chocolate learned about wine and bite tasting organization

On June 25, the 20 participants that make up the first cohort of Carúpano’s Emprendedoras del Chocolate, Edo. Sucre, received the How to organize a bite and tasting training, with the goal of being able to organize events to promote their entrepreneurship. The class was held at the Casa de la Caridad Santa Ana, and was facilitated by Ron Carúpano’s rum master, Carmen López de Bastidas. In addition, on June 26 they received their first trade class at the facilities of the Hotel Euro Caribe, with supplies donated by the Hacienda San José and the San José Foundation, as part of a partnership with Trabajo y Persona

Trabajo y Persona received recognition in the XXXVII National Assembly of the AVEC

On June 25, the Venezuelan Association of Catholic Education (AVEC) held its XXXVII National Assembly “Fill the vessels”, a fraternal meeting of Christian union and commitment to strengthen Catholic education in Venezuela. In it, Trabajo y Persona received recognition for the alliance and support it has given on its mission to educate the population.

KPMG offered a digital marketing workshop for Trabajo y Persona graduates

On June 26, three KPMG volunteers offered the Digital Marketing Workshop to graduates and part of the Trabajo y Persona team at the organization’s offices. Participants learned basic marketing concepts, current tools, types of customers, and loyalty between customer and supplier. 

– The Emprendedoras del Chocolate Eddy Pini and Leila Mendoza, together with the graduate of the Artisanal Chocolate 1st Short Course of Guatire, Elvira Delgado, offered their products at the Francia Tuya Fair 2019. They were made at the facilities of the Gran Meliá Hotel in Caracas, thanks to Trabajo y Persona’s alliance with the Venezuelan-French Chamber of Commerce, Industry, and Agriculture.
Elvira Delgado participated in the XVII Bancaribe Solidarity Fair offering delicious alfajores and other products.
Emprendedoras del Chocolate graduates Emma Torrealba, Verónica Prieto, Marlene Briceño, and Marilyn Hernández, launched their brand Chocolate Heroicas. This product, which was presented at the facilities of Cacao de Origen, aims to be an aid for anyone who wants to start working in the world of chocolate.
– Our graduate of Formación de Formadores, Yany Colmenarez, inaugurated the Natural Life Spa, a space that will offer body and facial cleaning services with natural products, reductive massages, and anti-stress. In this initiative, carried out at Cecal Fe y Alegría Divina Pastora de Barquisimeto, graduates and students of the courses offered will participate, with the purpose of supervising their learning process, and in this way cultivating the seed of entrepreneurship in the life of their students. Congratulations Yany!
-The Emprendedoras del Chocolate Sonia Arias, María Pineda, Violeta García, Elvira Delgado and Viamervis García, offered their products at the christening of the book Éclat et Arôme Cacao Venezuela by Veruska Pochón, held at the French Embassy House. At the ceremony they shared their anecdotes and techniques with the chocolate maker.