Every time I read the summary of activities that Trabajo y Persona does in a month I have different impressions: on one hand the acknowledgment, and then the joy, of the simple fact that such an organization exists and has a positive impact on the life of so many people today in Venezuela; there is also the disproportion of the proposal that faces the problems we have, because it seems like a titanic struggle and, for the most impetuous and skeptical ones, something that does not address such urgent issues and does not obtain results in the short or medium-term; on the other hand, for those of us who are devoted in body and soul to this, there is a risk of taking for granted the value we generate for other people and for ourselves; and finally a great sense of gratitude for everyone who makes this possible.

The same can happen with this time when we wait for Christmas and the beginning of a new year in our western culture. These are transcendental events, but we run the risk of simplifying them and reducing them to one more rite, while life goes by and the calendar goes its own way.

“Christmas, in fact, is not merely an anniversary of Jesus’ Birth; it is also this, but it is more, it is celebrating a mystery that has marked and continues to mark human history. God himself came to dwell among us (cf. Jn 1:14), he made himself one of us. It is a mystery that concerns our faith and our life… The Eternal One entered the limits of time and space to make the encounter with him possible “today”… In Christmas, we find the tenderness and love of God who stoops to our limitations, to our weaknesses, to our sins, and who bends down even to us.” Benedict XVI 

In this way, the divine shows us the most powerful human method to change history: the event of an encounter. Christmas is not only following a western tradition that defined the before and the after, but it helps us remember that every day it is possible to find the meaning of our lives and to have a purpose because the same Mystery that has made everything shows us that it is possible. That is why all our ideas, strategies, and projects for next year, just as all the work and effort involved, will not be transcendent if they do not start from an encounter with something that has the same infinite nature.

Is it possible to believe that God has decided to become a helpless child, to be born in a manger at a time of socioeconomic crisis and in a territory oppressed by an empire? And even more existentially, is it possible to find him today? Let us each look for our answers, but what is certain is that nobody can be indifferent to these questions, because if the answer were positive, our life would not be the same.


Alejandro Marius
Entrepreneurs learn to make Christmas dishes

On November 28, the Christmas Delights Workshop was held at the Fundación Espacios Suizos. It was dictated by Violeta García, co-founder of Nirvana Cioccolato, and attended by 9 Emprendedoras del Chocolate (Chocolate Entrepreneurs) from different cohorts, learning the step-by-step process of traditional panettone, chocolate panettone and black cake.

Valencians enjoyed a chocolate tasting with social impact 

On November 23, graduates of the Venezuela Tierra de Cacao project participated in the Chocolate with Social Impact Tasting organized by Cavenit Carabobo within the framework of Extravaganza Venezuela. In this activity which celebrates Italian Cuisine Week, the Emprendedoras del chocolate, Elizabeth Caraballo and Alexandra Molina, presented exquisite chocolates made by them during their internships at Chocolates Valle Canoabo. The event was attended by the regional coordinator of Trabajo y Persona, César Córdoba; the president of Cavenit Carabobo, Damiano del Vescovo; and the director of Chocolates Valle Canoabo, Rodrigo Morales.

Emprendendoras de la belleza received advanced makeup training 

On November 26, the Advanced Make-up Workshop, addressed to Emprendedoras de la Belleza – Belleza por un Futuro (Beauty Entrepreneurs – Beauty for a Future), was held at L’Oréal Venezuela. The training was given by the education manager of the Luxury Division of L’Oréal, Yasmili Rubio, and was attended by 14 graduates from different cohorts who learned the Conturing makeup technique, trending makeup and eyelash placement.

Graduates gathered to learn about Digital Marketing

On November 20, within the framework of the Global Week of Entrepreneurship, Trabajo y Persona organized the Digital Marketing Workshop for its graduates, facilitated by the specialist in the KPMG area, Isis Torres, at the Impact Hub Caracas. Participants learned basic concepts of digital marketing, use of social networks and received tips for the use of social networks.

Graduates of Valencia continue their training with a public speaking workshop 

On November 14, the Oratory and Customer Service Workshop was held at the Luisa Cáceres de Arismendi Labor Training Center, Valencia, Carabobo state, for graduates of the Conduciendo tu Futuro (Driving Your Future) and Emprendimiento y Nutrición- Emprendedoras Gastronómicas (Entrepreneurship and Nutrition – Gastronomic Entrepreneurs) programs. The training was directed by Leyda Colombo, aiming at improving and strengthening interpersonal communication skills in order to offer a better service to the customer.

The Diploma in Chocolate Entrepreneurship in Merida began

November 4 marked the beginning of the first Diploma in Chocolate Entrepreneurship in Mérida, carried out together with the University of Los Andes, and developed with the methodology of Trabajo y Persona: Emprender360, within the framework of Venezuela Tierra de Cacao project. The diploma is made up of 27 women from Mérida, who will be training for 3 months in the chocolate trade, as well as in the management of their own ventures, guided by excellent academics and teachers of the trade.

Representatives of the Brussels delegation of the European Union visited Petare Emprendedoras del Chocolate 

On November 15, the head of cooperation programs and projects of the European Union delegation, Ginnete Angulo, together with representatives of the Brussels delegation, visited and held a conversation with the Petare Emprendedoras del Chocolate, graduates of the Venezuela Tierra de Cacao  program, who shared their learning and achievements within the program.

A special class of traditional Italian food for graduates of the Emprendimiento y Nutrición program

On November 19, as part of the accompaniment carried out by Trabajo y Persona to its graduates, the Special class of traditional Italian food was held, aimed at Emprendedoras Gastronómicas of Carúpano. The training took place at the Casa de la Caridad in Santa Ana, and was in charge of the Italian chef of the city Cesena, Marco Mavuli.

– From November 11 to 29, Elizabeth Caraballo, Alexandra Molina, and Sachat Aranguren, conducted internships in the laboratory of Chocolates Valle Canoabo (Valencia, Carabobo state), with the tutoring of the chocolate teacher Carolina Morales and her team. The entrepreneurs strengthened their skills and acquired new techniques for the preparation of chocolates and various fillings, as well as the operation of equipment and utensils of a laboratory with high production.

 – From November 18 to 26, Mary Alvarado and María Colmenárez, graduates from the short course of Bombonería Artesanal of Barquisimeto, completed internships in Garúa de Cacao. During the professional update days, they made cocoa-shaped chocolates with coffee ganache and coffee with cocuy; they also covered coffee beans with chocolate and made delicate cups of chocolate (allusive to a coffee cup) with a white chocolate cover that resembles milk froth. 

– Darling Rendón, graduated from the 8th cohort of Emprendedora de la Belleza – Belleza por un Futuro, offered in November a series of free meetings called “Beauty Break”, held at the Cultural Center of Chacao, in which she deals with various issues related to the trade and the image that people project.

– Adriana Finol, graduated from the 8th cohort of Emprendedora de la Belleza – Belleza por un Futuro, decided to replicate her acquired skills by starting a self-makeup course on November 20.

– Maussa Ivimas, also graduated from the 8th cohort of Emprendedora de la Belleza – Belleza por un Futuro, works with photography by offering various sessions packages, accompanied by professional makeup.

– Astrid Mesa, Emprendedora Gastronómica, graduated from the 1st Emprendimiento y Nutrición cohort of Carúpano, opened a store in one of the most commercial streets of the city center, where she offers breakfasts with deliciously filled arepas, accompanied by natural juices; She also offers dinners, highlighting her rich and innovative burgers in combos, cookies, cinnamon rolls, and ice creams.

– Fermary SilvaEmprendedora Gastronómica, graduated from the 1st Emprendimiento y Nutrición cohort of Carúpano, opened a place in her house where she offers delicious empanadas, fruit ice creams, cakes, and coffee.

– Janeth Rivera, graduated from the 1st of Petare Emprendedoras del chocolate cohort, of the Venezuela Tierra de Cacao project, participated in the 18th Bancaribe Solidarity Fair. There, she offered her delicious desserts that all attendees loved.

 Sonia Arias and Janeth Rivera, both graduated from the 1st of Petare Emprendedoras del Chocolate cohort, of  the Venezuela Tierra de Cacao project, participated in the celebration of the Italian Cuisine Week, organized by Cavenit, in El Hatillo, accompanied by Verónica Prieto, graduated from Trabajo y Persona and partner of the project.

– The graduate of the 4th Conduciendo Tu Futuro cohort, Edwin Ortiz, traveled from San Cristóbal to Valencia to join AcompañamientoTyP and took the opportunity to attend the Oratory and Customer Service Workshop .

– On November 29, graduates of the 1st Emprendimiento y Nutrición cohort and Carúpano Emprendedoras del Chocolate, from the Venezuela Tierra de Cacao project, were invited to the Christmas party organized by the Hotel Euro Caribe Internacional. The entrepreneurs enjoyed the event, and could also promote their products, the presentation, and taste of which made a good impression.