“Every day we are offered a new opportunity, a new phase. We do not have to expect everything from those who govern us, it would be childish. We enjoy a space of co-responsibility capable of initiating and generating new processes and transformations. Let us be an active part in the rehabilitation and aid of wounded societies.”

“It is possible to start from the bottom and one by one, to fight for the most concrete and local, to the last corner of the nation and the world … Let us look for others and take charge of the reality that corresponds to us without fear of pain or impotence, because there is all the good that God has sown in the heart of the human being. Difficulties that seem enormous are opportunities to grow, and not the excuse for the inert sadness that favors submission. But let’s not do it alone, individually.”

At the time that Venezuela lives, which could also apply to any country in the world, in his encyclical Fratelli tutti, Pope Francis offers us some key working premises on the value of the protagonism of each one, and the importance of joining with others to respond to the multiple needs that surround us.

The starting point of this document is not a particular strategy, much less a set of ideas or moralistic formulas, but something that seems very fragile but is the most powerful force: “a love that goes beyond the barriers of geography and from space”. And hence the value of fraternity, of treating each other as brothers capable of living “a social and political charity” that seeks the common good, the good of all.

These concepts seem utopian, they are strange to us, like brushstrokes in an abstract painting, especially when we contrast them with what we see and live daily, but are we seeing the complete picture? The truth is that it is difficult to understand these phenomena without experiencing it. We are made to love, but how difficult it is if we do not recognize that love that comes to meet us. Many times we need help or want to help, but how easy it is to understand it when someone gives us a hand and gets us out of the rut.

Each of us needs to come across people who embody such an experience, in order to more easily recognize it. They are small gestures compared to all the problems in the world, but they make us breathe and keep going.

Now imagine the greatest act of freedom, equality and love that can exist in history: the energy that generates and moves the entire universe, the creator of everything kneels in front of the human being and decides to become one of us; Furthermore, he does it in a peripheral place on the map, subdued by an empire, in conditions of extreme poverty, and through the simplicity of a child so that we can experience it.

You may believe in this or not, but if it were true and it was present today too, in a concrete way to find it through people with first and last names, wouldn’t it be extraordinary and easy to recognize it? That’s what Christmas is about, and the Church.

Alejandro Marius
Artisan Yogurt Chat Forum: a healthy alternative to undertake

On October 30, the forum chats Artisan Yogurt: a healthy alternative to undertake, was facilitated by Gabriela Cerró, who graduated from the third virtual course of  Bombonería Artesanal, within the framework of the Venezuela Tierra de Cacao project. The 379 participants had the opportunity to learn about the main aspects of yogurt such as preparation techniques, and the procedure for making fruit jams as an accompaniment to this product. The activity was organized in two simultaneous forums due to a large number of people, including graduates and the general public interested in participating.

Entrepreneurs participated in the 19th edition of the Bancaribe Solidarity Fair

From November 2nd to the 15th, the 19th Bancaribe Solidarity Fair took place, this time under a virtual modality, for the benefit of different Social Development Organizations (ODS). On this occasion, nine graduates of the Emprendedoras del Chocolate (Entrepreneurs of Chocolate) and Emprendimiento y Nutrición-Gastronomia360 (Entrepreneurship and Nutrition- Gastronomy360) programs participated, offering their artisan products of excellent quality.

Basic preventive maintenance for vehicles Forum Chat

On November 17, the Basic preventive maintenance for vehicles forum chat was held, by Edwind Ortiz, a graduate of the fourth cohort of the Conduciendo Tu Futuro (Driving Your Future) program, who also graduated this year as an Automotive Technician. The objective of the activity was to disseminate data on how to perform preventive maintenance on automobiles in order to extend the useful life of gasoline-powered vehicles, increase road safety, and reduce repair costs. The 213 participants were also able to ask questions about maintenance of vehicle fluids, brakes, and timing belt changes.

Workshop for young people to learn about cocoa and chocolate

On November 20, the workshop Knowing cocoa and chocolate was organized for young people from different high schools in the city, on the importance and processing of cocoa and chocolate in Venezuela. It took place in person at the CEVAM facilities in Mérida, following all the biosafety protocols. The workshop was given by Professor Jorge Bastidas, regional coordinator of Trabajo y Persona, and the master chocolatier, César Carbonara, ally of the Venezuela Tierra de Cacao project. In the training, prizes were also given to the winners of the workshop, and there was the support of Michele Lee, director of CEVAM

Alexandra Molina’s venture continues to grow

Alexandra Molina, a graduate of the first cohort of Emprendedoras del Chocolate (Chocolate Entrepreneurs) within the framework of the Venezuela Tierra de Cacao project in Valencia, as well as of the third cohort of Conduciento Tu Futuro (Driving Your Future), continues to develop her gastronomy and pastry business (@mocinas_eventos). In a small store in the town of Los Guayos, Alexandra sells her products and has expanded her clientele to the city of Valencia, through the delivery service and thanks to the quality of her products.

Entrepreneurs and their elaborations were present at a Caritas event

The Emprendedoras Gastranómicas  (Gastronomic Entrepreneurs), graduates of the second cohort of the Emprendimiento y Nutrición – Gastronomía360 program, Ana Sifontes, Ana González, Boanayert Aranguibel, and Martithé Martínez, were hired in November to make snacks, sweets, and cookies, on the occasion of the opening of the Casa de Passage for Migrants in Güiria and Carúpano. Commissioners of different United Nations entities were present at the Cáritas Carúpano headquarters where the event took place, and they were able to taste the excellent gastronomic preparations.

Gloria Rattia organizes her home to start her own hair salon

The participant in the Formador de Formadores (Training of Trainers), within the framework of the Belleza por un Futuro (Beauty for a Future) program, Gloria Rattia, has been working on the conditioning of a small space in her house, located in Guárico, to start her own hair salon. Along with the support of her two daughters, she also teaches virtual classes and face-to-face classes in small groups on hairdressing

Violeta García: a tasting to be thankful for

The graduate of the first cohort of the Emprendedoras del Chocolate program, Violeta García, who currently resides in Orlando, USA, offered a tasting of miniature desserts on Thanksgiving Day. The founder of the brand Nirvana Cioccolato (@nirvana_cioccolato) prepared for the occasion: chocolate mousse, carrot cake, mocha cake, and lemon pie. The result of this initiative was so positive that it received orders for desserts for the upcoming festivities, and its customers posted an ad to generate orders on social media.

New horizons for Yowarka Torres

The Emprendedora de la Belleza (Beauty Entrepreneur), graduated from the fourth cohort of the Belleza por un Futuro (Beauty for a Future) program, Yowarka Torres, formalized her enrollment at Simón Rodríguez University to train as a Physiotherapist. It should be noted that Yowarka has worked as a masseuse since the beginning of the quarantine.

Frelly Jácome and her new projects

The Emprendedora de la Belleza, graduated from the eighth cohort of the Belleza por un Futuro program, Frelly Jácome, started to sell beauty products together with her family. In December, she hopes to open a store where she can sell the items. The graduate also plans to make a space in her store to offer her hairdressing services in 2021.

Yesenia Díaz held a haircut session

The Emprendedora de la Belleza graduated from the eighth cohort of the Belleza por un Futuro program, Yesenia Díaz, offered together with her @migran_amor team, a day of haircuts for young people as well as ladies and gentlemen of advanced age and low income , in the community of Caiza, Edo. Miranda

Marisbel Acosta implemented new strategies to attract clients

The Emprendedora de la Belleza, Marisbel Acosta, graduated from the seventh cohort of the Belleza por un Futuro program, planned price offers for different types of services in order to attract the attention of new clients and maintain current ones. Among her offers to stand out braids, cuts, hydrations, highlights, and / or balayage. She works in flexible weeks and during non-flexible weeks, she prepares with Trabajo y Persona and other private courses in hairstyling, makeup, and eyebrow waxing.

José Guía continues in his technical and installation ventures

The graduate of the first cohort of the Instalador de Antesa Satelital (Satellite Antenna Installers) project, José Guía, continues to work with Movistar antennas, and also provides technical and installation service with CANTV, Inter, and DIRECTV antennas. It should be noted that his undertaking is duly registered.