It is too easy lately to blame third parties for all our ills, often with indisputable reasons; for example, the famous “country situation” that has afflicted us in Venezuela for years, with all its objective causes and consequences, plus the pandemic of course. While it is true that reality has touched us dramatically and its impact on all aspects of life cannot be minimized, using the emergency exit only, just blaming politicians, the market, boss, neighbor, etc., is a temptation that should not exempt anyone from our responsibility.

“With great power comes great responsibility” is not a common practice in our latitudes for those who possess it, but it is an attitude which each of us can possess within our realm. Not taking care of ourselves in the face of Covid-19, not helping a neighbor or the needy, leaving spaces where we could do a job and give our contribution is our responsibility. I’m referring not only to a duty, but rather to the etymological sense of responsibility, from the Latin responsāre, “to respond.” We are all able to respond because we have received gifts and talents. Furthermore, we have a greater call to respond now because of the moments we are living.

But it often happens that «no one has the courage to say: ‘me’», as Kierkegaard affirms (Journals, Rizzoli Bur, Milan, 1983), and this has serious consequences because it means that the misuse of “power”, of any type, has come to conquer up our own square inch of personal responsibility and then, also, of prominence.

What is the antidote to this lack of personal responsibility? Where do you get the courage to say “me”? To what extent can the value of a “me” have an impact on a change in history?

Although we witness different forms of absurd violence against human beings and the planet (revolutions, wars, genocides, ecological crimes, etc.), many of us agree on the importance of education and the promotion of human values ​​to face these problems, but it seems not to be enough.

In his Journals, Kierkegaard says that “values ​​are abstract until someone has the courage to say ‘me”. In order to educate and transmit chore values ​​it is necessary to have testimonies that embody and live them; there begins the impulse for our freedom to move, with courage, to be responsible.

If we look carefully, we can recognize simple people who live in a different way and are worth following, simply because they have had the courage to say “me”; and then get involved in a responsible way from the smallest in our home to the public areas. It is a spectacle to see that movement in a person, because in addition to becoming a protagonist, freedom exudes.

Alejandro Marius
Trabajo y Persona participated in the ASHOKA Dialogue on Longevity

On August 31, the ASHOKA Dialogue: Longevity was held, an initiative of Ashoka Andean Region to generate community and share the knowledge that exists within its network and exchange best Latin American practices. In this activity, the president of Trabajo y Persona, Alejandro Marius, participated as a speaker. He talked about Cuidadores360 (Caregivers360): a project centered in the person that sprang due to the Venezuelan migration and the need to care for the elderly, with the objective of training caregivers for the elderly.

End of the month with chocolate flavor

On August 26 and 27, the Chocolate Tastings with Social Impact were held online, within the framework of the Venezuela Tierra de Cacao project. In them, the Emprendedoras del Chocolate (Chocolate Entrepreneurs), Karen Rojas and Thais Visbal, captivated the participants’ palate with their delicious creations. Members of the French Venezuelan Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture (CCIAVF) and the Italian Venezuelan Chamber of Commerce (CAVENIT) participated. In addition, they were moderated by the general manager of the CCIAVF, José Antonio Martínez; and the gastronomic journalist, Rosanna Di Turi.

Graduates received training on pricing strategies

On August 12, 13 and 14, the chat forum Pricing strategies: practical utility was held, aimed at graduates of the different Trabajo y Persona programs and projects. During three sessions, 213 entrepreneurs learned, through theoretical content and analysis of practical cases, the basic tools to facilitate cost calculation and price estimation of prices for their products and / or services.

Edwin Ortiz: example of perseverance and discipline

The graduate of the 4th cohort of Conduciendo tu Futuro (Driving Your Future), Edwin Ortiz, received on August 13 the title of Superior Technician in Industrial Technology, honorable mention, from the Industrial Technology Institute , of the city of San Cristóbal, Táchira state. Edwin completed most of his studies with the support of a 100% Scholarship granted by the program; Furthermore, this Emprendedor de la Mecánica (Entrepreneur of Mechanics) has developed his specialty  along side with his studies. He plans to continue his professional training in Automotive Engineering.

Amalia Urbina: family work

The Emprendedora del Chocolate, a graduate of the Venezuela Tierra de Cacao project in Guatire, Amalia Urbina, is selling cookies in 3-unit presentations. Her neighbors and customers buy the products through WhatsApp, and her son makes the delivery. Currently, she is a supplier to her sister’s business in Nueva Casarapa (Guarenas), a great step for someone who, due to Covid-19, had to circumstantially leave her small store; in it, she used to offer cakes, cookies and pastries. Amalia has reinvented her entrepreneurial model to, together with her family, maintain sales during this time of confinement.

Evelia Mujica: entrepreneurship has no age

The Emprendedora del Chocolate, graduated from the Venezuela Tierra de Cacao project of El Consejo, Aragua state, Evelia Mujica, has surprised everyone during this quarantine time with the preparation and sale of her cracked cocoa cookies and more recently red velvet. At 61 years of age, Evelia remains active working to the best of her ability, having word of mouth as the main marketing method, and an effective digital strategy through Instagram @deliciasmimami, which she carries out with the help of her son, who is the administrator of the account and, in addition, the person in charge of home deliveries.

Chocolates Heroicas expands its product line

The Emprendedoras del Chocolate and founders of @chocolates_heroicas, Emma Torrealba, Verónica Prieto and Marlene Briceño, launched the new white chocolate coins in presentations of 100, 250 and 400 grams, which are added to the line of Pastry Products. Find here other products they offer such as: cocoa vinegar, cocoa powder, chocolate bonbons, energy bars, cookies and cakes.

Elizabeth Melo: To stop? Never

The Emprendedora de la Belleza (Beauty Entrepreneur), who graduated from the 6th cohort of the Belleza por un Futuro (Beauty for a Future) program Elizabeth Melo, during the month of August sold cakes, braids and cinnamon buns, together with her mother. However, how can a beauty entrepreneur now dedicate herself to the cake shop? Due to the pandemic, and thanks to the knowledge obtained through the program in entrepreneurship, reality intelligence and other skills that she has, she decided to develop in another area while the quarantine ends.

Miritza Noguera shares her knowledge

The Emprendedora de la Belleza, who graduated from the 7th cohort of the Belleza por un Futuro program, Miritza Noguera, held on August 28 the chat forum Fall in love with your curly hair: secrets for well-groomed hair, in which she addressed topics such as: What is the curly girl method? Products for a good hair care routine, Co wash technique, Finger coil curl definition technique, among others. At the end of the training, Miritza delivered the summary guide and offered free counseling for one week to the participants.