We are in a time where events happen one after another and we seldom become aware of the value of relationships, moments, and encounters that help us broaden our gaze upon our own life and destiny, and at the same time, understand how our actions impact others. 

If we talk about social work, the impact it generates must be measured over time, whether it is economical, social, or environmental. On the other hand, there is the systemic change approach, where actions, no matter how small, are aimed at generating in the long term new ways of relating between institutions, the public, and private sectors.

However, we could not continue without asking ourselves: Where is the person in all this? Why think about a change in the system or areas of impact if it does not help people to live better?

All entrepreneurs, and especially social ones, must not lose sight of this, because every technique, all methodologies, and systems are only worthy if they have the human being at the center. Anything different means putting particular interests as a priority, which turns into violence and space conquest only to have access to any type of power.

“Life is not time that passes, but time for encounters,” says Pope Francis (Fratelli tutti 66). After serving 12 years in Trabajo y Persona, we could focus only on the results of the time that passes, which are important or we could look at the encounters with so many people who have taught us the value of facing needs and respond with the only weapon: the desire to work.

“Time is superior to space. This principle allows us to work in the long term, without obsessing over immediate results. It helps to bear with patience difficult and adverse situations or the changes of plans imposed by the dynamism of reality. Giving priority to space leads us to go crazy to have everything resolved in the present, to try to take possession of all the spaces of power and self-affirmation. … Giving priority to time is taking care of initiating processes rather than owning spaces.” (Evangelii Gaudium 223).

We continue working with this certainty, generating impact, aiming at a systemic change, with patience; because the change in our life, like that of others, occurs as part of a process and not through the conquest of a space or radical changes overnight. That is why we invite you to continue walking together for as long as God wants.

Alejandro Marius
Trabajo y Persona celebrates 12 years educating protagonists of the common good

On February 26, Trabajo y Persona celebrated its twelfth anniversary together with graduates and partners from different programs through an event via Zoom. The celebration began with a video summarizing the activities carried out in 2020; later, the activity was divided into three moments together with the premiere of three unpublished videos from Venezuela. El pueblo, el canto, el Trabajo (The people, the song, the Work)  project: Canto de ordeño, Canto de lavanderas, and El Frutero (Milking song, Washerwomen’s song, and The Fruitererer), which spread the beauty of work, the value of alliances, the relationship with the client, and the pride of the work carried out. Read the full note here.

Cuidadores360 participants continue their training

In February, 12 graduates of the first virtual cohort of Cuidadores360 (Caregivers360) took various practical classes which were: Playful Games with the facilitators Salomé Cabrera and Marian Romero from Juegos por la PazBody Mechanics with the lawyer Daniel Tamayo; and Bed Bath facilitated by Dulce Rodríguez and Gisell Rojas. They culminated in the Personal Development class taught by the psychologist and writer Jazmín Sambrano. The activities were carried out in the facilities of the Casa Provincial de las Hermanas Salesianas in Altamira (Caracas), taking into account the corresponding biosafety measures.

Ambassador of France visited Trabajo y Persona projects in Paria

On February 14, the French ambassador in Venezuela, Romain Nadal, and the first counselor of the embassy, Alexandra Bellayer-Roille, visited the Casa de Caridad Santa Ana, headquarters of Cáritas Carúpano and the local Trabajo y Persona office. The goal was to learn about the projects that are carried out in the locality, such as Venezuela Tierra de Cacao and Emprendimiento y Nutrición – Gastronomía360 (Entrepreneurship and Nutrition – Gastronomy360). During the visit, the entrepreneurs offered a tasting of their products and shared their testimonies. Read the full note here.

Diploma in Chocolate Entrepreneurship began

On February 22, the second cohort of the Diplomado en Emprendimiento Chocolatero (Diploma in Chocolate Entrepreneurship) began within the framework of the Venezuela Tierra de Cacao project in alliance with the University of Los Andes, under the virtual modality. Nelson Álvarez and Jorge Bastidas of Trabajo y Persona; Norka Viloria from ULA; and César Carbonara from Empresas Cayré, accompanied the 40 participants in the introductory class in which they were instructed on the rules of the Diploma.

The virtual product photography workshop was a success

On February 27, the forum chat Cell Phone Photography of Products was held through the digital platform Telegram. The activity was organized for graduates to learn how to promote their products and services through good photography, and thus become better known in the virtual market that has become more important with the Covid-19. In total, 243 graduates participated exceeding expectations in attendance.

Marithé Martínez contributes with the training of her colleagues

The graduate of the 2nd cohort of Emprendimiento y Nutrición – Gastronomía360 (Entrepreneurship and Nutrition – Gastronomy360), in Carúpano, Marithé Martínez, gave the forum chat Desserts in Shots, New Trends aimed at fellow graduates of Trabajo y Persona. In the activity, she showed the new trends for the preparation of desserts in cups, sharing five easy-to-make recipes.

Ángel Guerra’s new store

The Emprendedor de la Mecánica (Entrepreneur of Mechanics), a graduate of the 2nd cohort of the Conduciendo Tu Futuro (Driving Your Future) program, Ángel Guerra, opened a location for his computers and telephones technical service venture. In 2019, Ángel provided his services in a space set up in his home in San Carlos, Cojedes. With the new store located in a fairly busy area of the city, he will have greater visibility for his services as well as the sale of telephony equipment and accessories.

Marisol Sánchez teaches about profiteroles

The graduate of the 2nd cohort of the Emprendedoras del Chocolate (Entrepreneurs of Chocolate) program, Marisol Sánchez, organized a forum chat via WhatsApp for her students, fellow entrepreneurs, and her social network community about the profiteroles dessert.  In the training, Marisol shared with the 36 participants her knowledge in the elaboration of choux pastry, pastry cream, and colored chocolate topping.

Yany Colmenárez opens “Yany Style”

On February 27, the participant of the Formación de Formadores (Training of Trainers) within the framework of the Belleza por un Futuro (Beauty for a Future) program, Yany Colmenárez, inaugurated Yany Style, a comprehensive beauty salon and training academy in the profession of hairdressing. Included among the contents offered are eyebrows and eyelashes, manicure and pedicure, braiding, haircutting, and drying, as well as two human training subjects. The instruction lasts for 100 academic hours, spread over two months with classes three times a week. It currently has eight participants in each content.

Nakari Jukisz performs beauty technique thanks to a donation from L’Oréal

The Emprendedora de la Belleza (Beauty Entrepreneur), a graduate of the 2nd cohort of the Belleza por un Futuro program, Nakari Jukisz, used the donation of dyes made by L’Oréal Venezuela to work. In collaboration with her daughter, she created highlights with the AirTouch technique using the 7.2 and 9.31 dyes, as well as cutting, drying, and applying the necessary products to the hair for a good finish.

Deisy Pertuz is certified in professional makeup

The Emprendedora de la Belleza (Beauty Entrepreneur) a graduate from the 8th cohort of the Belleza por un Futuro program, Deisy Pertuz, undertook professional training in makeup at the ABC School academy (@abcschool1) in order to offer a complete service to her clients: from manicure, pedicure, styling, and now makeup. Deisy won an award for highlighting the last day of class with her bridal makeup work, and just days after her certification, she already has clients to do makeup.

Astrid Mesa receives recognition of participation

The Emprendedora Gastronómica (Gastronomic Entrepreneur), a graduate from the 1st cohort of the Emprendimiento y Nutrición – Gastronomía360 program, and founder of the Happy Burger venture, Astrid Mesa, received recognition for her participation in the II Venezuelan Dance and Music Festival of international tradition. In the activity carried out by Zoom, they talked about typical Venezuelan dishes, especially those from the Paria region such as fried fish, Pabellón Criollo, seafood soup, and fish soup.